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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Random Thought

Have you noticed that the Wisconsin sports climate has reverted to the late 70s/early 80s?

By week three, the best we were hoping for was a .500 season for the Pack.

The Bucks are playing playoff caliber ball.

The Badger Hockey team is on fire.

The Brewers are building an incredible foundation complete with power, speed and pitching.

And now, this...

If we can also bring back the beer stein, we're sure to make the playoffs. Kevin also wants to bring back the stein.

Reading that story once again reinforced what an idiot Laurel/Wendy Selig Preib was

It's become a signature of County Stadium and the club," Selig-Prieb said. "And we believe this will become even a greater signature element in Miller Park. This is going to be unique. Anybody can shoot off fireworks when somebody hits a home run. We think these improvements are enhancements from the fans' standpoint. We're not trying to make Bernie Brewer something different. It's still our home run celebration. But it will be bigger and better than before."

Ah, no.


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