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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Flippin Roads

I've lived in Wisconsin all my life, save for stints in DC (each about a year long).

It snows in Wisconsin.


The roads tonight in Milwaukee County were abysmal. We've only received 4 inches of snow so far, and it started snowing more than 8 hours ago.

Yet the Interstates were unbelievably trecherous. On ramps unsalted, un plowed. Mile long lengths of 894 hadn't seen a plow or salt truck in hours.

I traveled from Cudahy to Wauwatosa and the only plow I saw was a Wauwatosa municipal truck as soon as I exited Highway 45. The mayor may have a hugging problem, but at least the city administrator here knows when to send out the plows.

I was cautious and took my time, more than doubling the normal drive time. I'm not complaining about the's winter, things like this happen. But I can't believe the city and county of Milwaukee dropped the ball so miserably. Seriously, 4 inches in 8 hours and you can't even keep one lane clear on major thouroughfares?

This could be a snowy winter. How the state's largest metropolitain area handled the first minor snow fall is not encouraging...


  • At 10:16 PM, Blogger Calvin said…

    I drove from Madison to Milwaukee in this mess and I didn't see much difference in any of the counties along the way, with the exception of Madison (Dane County) was far worse than what I experienced in Milwaukee County.


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