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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Madison - Democratic Governor Jim Doyle accepted $41,550 in campaign contributions from two utilities shortly after a state panel controlled by Doyle appointees first denied, then reopened and approved the controversial $220 million sale of the utilities' Kewaunee nuclear power plant, a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis shows.

Whenever it was time for a decision to be made, they were at Doyle's doorstep with campaign contributions," said WDC executive director Mike McCabe.

Update: My favorite line from the Journal Sentinel Story: Doyle, a Democrat, was unavailable for comment because he was raising money for his campaign in New York.


  • At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Whatever else you want to say about XOFF, he knows how to time stories. The same day WDC comes out with a huge bomb showing way overly coincidental timing on the initial denial of the sale of the Kewaunee nuclear power plant and the more than $40K in contributions, he manages to plant a flash bang grenade in a MN paper about Walker giving an okay on a small ambulance contract, which was also approved by the county board.

  • At 1:31 AM, Blogger Peter said…

    I read elsewhere in the blogosphere that the Walker "story" was an 'oops' and it was a big nothing.

    Diamond Jim, however, seems to me to be shameless in his quid pro quos and shakedowns. He is the poster child for campaign finance reform. However, as outgoing DA McCann said, Doyle has zero credibility in that area.


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