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Friday, November 11, 2005


On Halloween, freelance photographer Teresa Halbach disappeared. The next day, the "Avery Bill" unanimously passed both houses of the Wisconsin legislature. The bill was named after Steven Avery who was freed from prison after DNA evidence proved he did not commit the crime for which he had served 18 years.

Today it was announced Avery will be charged with Halbach's murder, based in large part on DNA evidence.

While to call the timing of the bill's passage and its moniker unfortunate would be a tremendous understatement, we should not lose site of the merits of that legislation.

The bill, which now undoubtedly will be quietly signed by Governor Doyle, provided for:

  • Electronic recording of both juvenile and adult felony suspect interrogations
  • Written police policies governing the eyewitness identification procedures
  • Priority of DNA testing in post-conviction cases
  • New provisions for retention of evidence that contains DNA

Still, the irony makes one cringe.


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